CDG - Collectible Dice Games

Yeap, out in our crazy world there are not only wired guys who collect some Traging cards. Also like the Trading cards you may collect some specific dice games as for example Dragon Dice ™, and of course you may play with them (Blasphemy !!)


Dragon Dice
- was originally created by Lester Smith and produced by TSR© in 1995. In October of 2000, SFR Inc. purchased the rights to Dragon Dice™
- is strategy game where players create mythical armies using dice to represent each troop. Each player tries to win the game by outmaneuvering the opponent and capture 2 terrains. Of course eliminating your opponent completely is another acceptable way of winning.
Chaos Progenitus / Demon Dice
- is a another trading dice game by Lester Smith, produced by Destination Games© in 1996.
- it is a game for 2 or more players where you create a fiend, represented by 13 dice.
- later produced by Fast Forward Entertaiment (Studio 2 Publishing)
Marvel Super Dice
- was produced by TSR© in 1996. Only a starter set was released
- is a fast-paced action game for two or more players, based on characters from Marvel Comics.
- was produced by Iron Crown Enterprises© in 1996, designed by Kris Burm & Jean Vanaise. It has 3 Expensions: Cities of Doom, Wilds of Doom & Doomcubes
- each player joins the game as a single adventurer battling monsters while searching for the six runes to complete his quest.
Throwing Stones
- published by Gamesmiths© (1985), developed by Jason Siadek.
- is not a game on itself, it's more a D&D variant to fast-create characters.
Cookie Fu
- published by Blue Kabuto© (2003), designed by Bryan Kowalski.
- is a fast and furious collectable dice game where two players battle against each other to see who's fu is best! Each player needs one pack to play.
Rolled Bones
- published by D'Ice Inc. (2001)
- is a fast paced game that is easily played once the basic dice features and game flow are learned.
Star Trek The Next Generation
- was released by Five Rings (FRPG 1996, later Wizards of the Coast), designed by Dan Verssen
- Players take the role of the U.S.S. Enterprise or a Borg sphere. You attack your opponent with Phasers or torpedoes and win the game by reducing their Warp Core Integrity to zero.
Harry Potter Dicers Game
- was released by Hasbro© (2002), designed by Tyler Kenney
- is a collectible dice game with two levels of play. Knock your opponents dice out of play in the basic game, or develop unique combinations to expel dicers to the dungeon in the advanced game.
- was released by IRONDIE© produced under permission by: Bluestar di Giulio Valtancoli (2010), designed by Davide Averara
- is an item made of collectable metal dice